Customers are encouraged to make a factory visit before purchasing. Not only can the customer then appreciate exactly what goes into creating the car it also helps the engineers create a bespoke item ideally suited to the requirements and driving style of the customer.

On choosing the required model and specification that suits their needs customers are quoted an exact fixed price. Once accepted a build contract is entered into to reflect this and the expected delivery time.

We source a suitable donor car the price of which will be stated within the build contract. We can also use a customer supplied donor providing that the necessary parts are still in a serviceable condition.

The timing of the build will vary depending upon the model chosen and work in progress. Build times can be as little as eighteen months for more popular models such as the Speed 8 where many components are already in stock having been made in production batches, to up to sixty months for very low production models such as the Daimler Corsica.


Cars are invoiced in six stage payments that will be clearly stated on the build contract. Stages one to five will represent approximately 10% of the total with the final stage only being invoiced once the vehicle has been completed and signed off. This will represent approximately 50% of the agreed price. In this way customers can be assured that we will always have more money invested in their car right up to the final hand over. The first stage is invoiced upon acceptance of the order.


UK Customers will be subject to 20% vat on restoration and Coachworks. Foreign buyers including those from continental Europe will have their invoices zero rated. They will need to satisfy the tax in their own country of destination. Export papers or bill of laden will be required from all export customers.


All cars will be provided with UK registration unless otherwise stated. We have some US registered chassis available for Stateside buyers. Customers take on the responsibility of registration in any other country other than the UK. Customers have currently cars registered in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Holland, Australia, South Africa and many of the US states to name a few. However we are neither politicians or legislators and cannot guarantee the suitability of our cars to be driven in the future.

All cars are also supplied with UK MOT (Ministry of Transport) Certificates. UK buyers are respectfully asked to renew these annually even though the current legislation appears to exempt any vehicle over forty years old. On reading the small print the vehicles have to be completely unmodified to claim this exemption thus disqualifying most classic cars and certainly, in our opinion, our cars.